Thursday, June 28, 2007

SMB Rental Firm Opens New Market with Personal Technology Rentals

Family Reunion Audio Visual Rentals
Bill Schiering, VP of Sales for, a traditional nationwide Business to Business supplier of temporary computer and audio visual technology, announced today that his firm has recently began promoting products for the Personal technology rental market. Schiering reported: “This new market is just an extension of our existing concept but on a smaller more family oriented scale.” Schiering went on to compare their new personal rental customers who commonly rent projectors for weddings and family reunions to corporate customers who need the same gear for sales presentations or other short term events. Schiering also added he has been surprised to learn how large and well planned many of these personal event rentals have been. He closed by saying he is always glad to make a happy customer. To read more see the page on Personal Technology Rentals.

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