Monday, August 20, 2007

Myrlte Beach CCTV Security Camera Systems

Myrtle Beach CCTV Security CamerasIf you were in Myrtle Beach this summer there is a good chance that in a manner of speaking you are still there. Thanks in part to firms like Camera Security Now your image is most likely going to reside for weeks on a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) of the Hotel, Restaurant, or Gift Shop you visited while on vacation.

Digital Video Recorders with internet access are the new technology behind the age old standard CCTV security camera. This new technology uses computers, in the case of Camera Security Now Dell business class systems matched with GeoVision video capture cards, in place of the VHS tape based units of past. The DVR then records a Windows compatible AVI file right to the computers hard drive of all the motion it detects. These clips can be saved, played back remotely, and of course viewed across the internet in live time or well after the fact.

Small to medium business are finding a typical eight camera Myrtle Beach CCTV / DVR system can be installed locally by a Camera Security Now professional for under five thousand dollars.

For more information or to view live samples from a CCTV / DVR system visit Camera Security Now or call 877-422-1907.

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