Thursday, April 03, 2008

How does the Tech Army Troop Count Work?

The number you see on the home page of the website is the 'live number' of troops, active, approved and ready for duty.

Some 5% of these troops are still in boot camp. They are are yest to be considered active members of the Tech Army, they have not been fully tested, certified and approved.

Only the best survive in the Tech Army.

Thousands of troops arrive monthly. Some troops are dismissed from duty or don't make it out of boot camp.

The Tech Army holds itself to a higher standard, in fact many troops consider membership in the Tech Army an honor. It is The Tech Army Organization's intention to honor as many of our troops with tech army missions. And to award the most missions to our best and brightest troops!

All Tech Army Troops are ranked and rated.
More information on the Tech Army rank and rating system.

"We expect to have 15,000 tested, rated and ranked troops by years end (2008)." Raymond Truss, Recruiter, Tech Army Organization

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