Friday, February 20, 2009

Tips For Hiring A Great Employee.

Business Hiring Tips
For a business owner, be it small or medium, when you hire that first employee, it's a day of celebration. It means you are in a position to expand and make your business a stronger place. But before you choose the new employee, there are a few things you should consider.

1.Before bringing in candidates to interview, make a list of 10 buzz words that are important to your small business. They can range from "fast-paced" to "money-making" and then be on alert for resumes that use identical or similar words.

2.Hiring is not a perfect process. It is highly subjective and based on a good deal of soft information. So, whenever possible, have at least one other person carefully interview the final candidates for a position. You may to be surprised with a fresh perspective.

3.Don't be in a rush to hire an employee. In today's world things can change quickly. Make sure you are hiring at the right time for your business. Many companies hire too soon and pay for it as time goes on. Keep in mind when you hire someone, you are taking on their income and future. That is a big responsibility.

4. List your goals for the new hire. Do you want someone who can fill in on short notice when you need to take a day off, or do you want someone who can work a regular schedule? Do you want someone who can meet with clients, set their own schedules and attend meetings and events on your behalf, or do you simply need someone who can pick up your overflow? These are things you need to make clear in the interview.

Listen to your gut; your intuition is the most powerful hiring tool there is. If some thing doesn't feel right, then it may not be. This is your business you're talking about so go with what you feel. At the end of the day you want to bring the right people into your family and you want this new member to help you in continuing to expand.

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