Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A great way to impress new customers (and keep your business covered).

A good way to make a great first impression is the new customer packet. This should be printed on business grade paper (not copied-go visit you local quick printer-and get at least 3 quotes), and sent in a good looking envelope. What should be in your new customer packet? Here are some ideas.

1) A credit application. The credit application allows your business to legally pull a commercial credit bureau and should outline your company’s terms and conditions. It should ask for 3 trade credit line lenders, and a commercial bank check (on a separate form) both of which should be signed by an officer of the customers company. This document obligates the customer to pay invoices in the terms that you permit.
2) A sales tax exemption form or reseller certificate from the appropriate state. This is an absolute must for any company in any business but retail or retail food service. If your company is doing business to business commerce you must obtain this document!
3) A request for a freight guide. This is especially crucial for your small to medium business if you are conducting business with a Fortune 1000 type company. Other wise, your company’s invoices maybe delayed by the freight auditing department or your company fined for not following the customer’s guidelines (or probably both)! This also creates more expense as your company’s accounts receivable department (or yourself if you are just starting out) must now pursue the deduction for pay back which will most often be denied.
4) A welcome to your company. This is a sales and marketing document. It thanks your new customer for their order, and lists appropriate contact people. Who should be included: the main sales contact, customer service lead, credit representative or manager, and yourself-the owner. This document should include all appropriate business cards (included in packet)!

Follow these steps, and your company can reinforce your excellent first impression and ask for new orders. This lets your customer know that they are dealing with a classy organization no matter the size. All customers appreciate class, and this is a way to let them know that your company values their business. Remember to request that the packet be sent back complete if at all possible.

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