Friday, June 04, 2010

7 Meeting Basics

7 Meeting Basics

Every SMB has meetings, whether they include five or fifty employees, are held weekly or monthly. But does every SMB know how to plan a meeting so that they are effective? if you follow these ten simple tips, your meetings will most definitely improve!

1. Don't hold unnecessary meetings. If you hold meetings all the time, for every little thing, you'll take time away from other tasks your employees need to complete.

2. Make your objectives clear. Again, don't hold meetings just to hold meetings. If you want to discuss new sales goals, hold a meeting and let attendees know what the meeting will be about so everyone can attend with the proper expectations.

3. If your meeting requires discussion of sensitive information, you'll want to invite a neutral party.

4. Inform your employees ahead of time. Let them know when and where the meeting will take place and what they'll need to bring. Understandably, the occasional last minute meeting comes about, but for the most part, preparedness is important.

5. Keep meetings on time. Being them on time, end them on time. It's that simple.

6. Have someone take notes about what happens at each meeting and keep that information archived. Document any decisions that were made or assignments that were given. You never know when you'll need to refer back to it.

7. Reflect on your last meeting and look for ways to improve your meetings or ask your employees what they would suggest.

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