Monday, September 27, 2010

Tips to Securing Your Business Network

securing your business networkThere are a countless number of threats out there that are ready to compromise your company’s network, but thankfully, there are plenty of precautionary steps that can be taken to keep this from happening.

SMBs are particularly prone to the plague of cybercrime. Sometimes SMB networks simply do not have the necessary network security. This is normally due to the fact that most SMBs do not have the resources or expertise to ensure their network’s security. In many small office settings, an office administrator with only basic IT skills is in charge of network security. This can leave your company’s network open to numerous threats. Paulette Altmaier, VP of Dell Solutions, has said that 92 percent of businesses suffer some sort of computer attack in any given year.

All of these SMB network threats cause some serious concerns. In response to some of these SMB needs Dell has just recently announced their partnerships with Trend Micro and Juniper. They hope to collaborate in an attempt to present some SMB security solutions. Altmaier stated that Dell has decided to focus on SMB security because they “have the same complexity of security problems as bigger companies but lack the resources.”

One of the huge problems with security threats is realizing how they evolve to attack your network. Threats aren’t just delivered by spam anymore. They are everywhere. There are limitless ways that your network could be compromised. If you’re a small business owner and you don’t have the protection that your network truly needs, here are some tips to keep your business safe and secure.

1.Layered Security
This is absolutely necessary. You must have an anti-virus program running on every desktop in the office, but you must also make sure that every aspect of your network is protected. You must have something that manages and protects data at rest and in transit. Security methods like encryption can help you deal with things like this. You must also make sure to control mobile devices that utilize your network at all. The security simply must be layered.

2.Security Policy
The size of the company doesn’t matter; it is a good idea to have a security plan. Any business with a network could benefit from a security policy. If you educate your employees on your plan and update your plan for the newest technology, many security issues can be avoided.

3.Unified Threat Management (UTM)
These devices can really help with your security layering. A UTM will contain a firewall, content filtering, VPN, and intrusion detection technologies. Many of the UTMs now available are designed for easy use and do not need IT support.

4.Secure Endpoints
This is essential. An endpoint is anything that can attach to your network like a server or a USB drive. Threats can sneak right into your network through these means. There are plenty of different products available that can help secure your endpoints.

5.User Security
Companies must make sure to restrict the content that their users can see and not see. This really cuts down on the possibility of security threats. Don’t allow a free-for-all network at your workplace. If you monitor and control what is being viewed through your network, you can eliminate many security issues.

6.Mobile Device Security
Although security threats are not as serious on smartphones and mobile devices like the iPad, there is no reason that you should leave these devices unsecured. You should treat them like any other endpoint and make sure that they follow any of your company’s security policies.

7.Software Updates
You should always make sure that all of your programs and software are up-to-date at all times. This helps to make sure that you have the best possible protection.

Keeping your company’s network secure should be your top priority. No one wants to deal with the hassle and costs of cybercrime. With these tips you can easily boost your network’s security and keep your computers, information, and network safe.

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