Friday, November 02, 2007

E-Mail Archiving For SMB's

E-mail ArchiverAlthough SMB's have been slow to adopt e-mail archiving solutions, mainly because of the cost, the adoption rates of e-mail archiving solutions have been growing steadily over the past two years. The fact of the matter is, an e-mail archiving solution in todays market can save SMB's money.

SMB's today are finding that they have too many e-mail in their inboxes, too much e-mail overall, and many SMB's want to get their data off of their email servers to a secondary storage device. An e-mail archiving solution will solve all three of these problems. Accompanied with a spam filter, an a-mail archiving solution would increase the performance of your e-mail servers and increase productivity.

The possibility of a lawsuit is yet another reason to get an e-mail archiving solution. E-mail is becoming to play a huge factor in court battles and many businesses are expected to produce relevant e-mails and electronic evidence. Businesses can be held liable if they do not take the proper steps to maintain e-mail records.

It is estimated that businesses can not only mitigate their risk of lawsuit, but also save up to $100,000 in related legal fees and labor costs in the event of a lawsuit. Your SMB will also save money from improved e-mail server performance and productivity, lower storage cost, and overall operational and maintenance cost of your e-mail servers.

Source: ComputerServiceNow

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Jay said...

There is a great solution for email archiving called archive manager.

It captures all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages to a central highly compressed repository providing easy access to all emails and storing only a single copy of all messages and attachments saving a lot of diskspace.