Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SMB And The E-Store

SMB Online SalesIf you are an SMB owner and find yourself struggling to see the big picture of internet marketing here is another piece of that picture to look at.

This piece of the marketing picture looks like an e-store; it acts like an e-store, so let’s go out on a limb and call it an e-store.

Today no matter the size of your website an e-store can help capture business you never knew existed. It can be the single most important way for your online clients to reach your goods or services.

Just today we received a Google News Alert that mentioned one of our SMB subscribes who announced they are adding their Computer Rental Products to an online e-store. From previous conversations with this SMB we know that their business is 90% internet driven and is very successful.

To continue reading about the SMB and the e-store follow the link below.

SMB e-store story continues.

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