Friday, May 29, 2009

Blackberry small buisness software

"Over 21 million people use BlackBerry® smartphones on over 375 wireless networks in 140 countries around the world.", according to Blackberry. What was once considered a business professional's phone because of its complexity and intricate software is now a simple to use device that is gaining more popularity. Including Blackberry® and its easy to use software into your small business not only instantly brings you and your employees up to speed but keeps you up to speed with the rest of the world. BlackBerry® Professional Software is designed for use with up to 30 employees. It offers features to keep everyone linked such as: email, contact sharing, internet, and calendar information.

Easy Set-up
The instillation and set up is virtually pain free with Blackberry® Professional Software. The software is compatible with Microsoft® Exchange or IBM® Lotus® Domino® email servers. A pre-install assistant is run prior to set-up to inform you of any potential issues before you install. You simply run the set-up wizard and you're done. It also automatically defaults to the recommended configuration, which simply adds to the ease of set-up.

The software also features more controls over the devices of your employees so you, as the business owner, can have a better handle on how the device is used. You can block the browser, if you choose or simply just block sites you don't want your employees to access. You can also pre-program data back-up schedules. There's also an option to block long distance calling or calls to certain numbers. It provides easy to use IT policy templates along with technical support options.

Security Features
Security features include:
* End-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES) encryption
* Industry-recognized security certifications
* Local encryption of all data

Blackberry® offers two "bundles" for purchasing options.
-BlackBerry® Professional Software – 5 users --- $499
-BlackBerry® Professional Software – 10 users --- $849

You can purchase any number of bundles up to 30 users. If you need to add more than 30 users in the future, updating to BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is made simple and pain free, you simply need to purchase a Trade-Up key through your wireless service provider or online.

BlackBerry® is the #1 smartphone in the country right now, and for good reason. Many small business owners are looking to streamline their businesses, and provide a cost and time efficient way to do that, BlackBerry® Professional Software is the way to go. The technology provides be best options for connecting your employees not only with one another but with the rest of the world.


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