Friday, June 12, 2009

CodeRED Emergency Communication Service

The CodeRED emergency system is keeping the country safe, one phone number at a time, through its high-speed notification process. CodeRED utilizes unique internet mapping together with a rapid telephone system capable of delivering millions of phone calls per day. The system calls businesses and residents in the effected geographical areas, leaving recorded emergency messages with either the person who answers the phone or an answering machine or voicemail. If there is no answer, the service will attempt to call the number up to three times.

CodeRED subscribers can broadcast emergency messages from anywhere in the world via a secure website. The website allows users to monitor progress of their placed calls in real time, noting the disposition of each call and allowing users to initiate another round of calls to those that were not answered, either by a live human or an answering service. Also, once a calling job is complete, the user who initiated the call may received a summary at any email account, cell phone, or blackberry. If for some reason, the user cannot access a computer or internet service, calls may be executed from any phone with proper access codes. There is also 24/7 emergency technical support available to all CodeRED clients.

CodeRED offers their service with the highest levels of security, robustness, performance, and makes it easy to use for government agencies, communities and businesses who need to deliver emergency messages to large numbers of residents in record time. Unlike other telephone notification services, messages do not have to be truncated or looped, allowing full messages with complete instructions to be delivered to their recipients and subscribers do not need to purchase any type of equipment.

CodeRED is a part of Emergency Communications Network Inc. (ECN) based out of Florida. Originating in 1998, ECN specializes in high-speed communication services to government agencies, businesses, and the private sector.

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