Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mint Money Management on the Move

Mint Logo
I hesitated writing a review about because when it comes to money in times like these you simply cannot afford to fall prey to another internet fly by night; but after researching my little review, I have discovered that is a quiet and steady freight train that could completely evolve the way we handle our money.

Mint is a money management website where you can view all your accounts in one spot. All you have to do is answer a few questions and give information for each account that you have and then Mint connects to all your accounts and brings all that information to one place where you can generate reports, plan a budget and access where all of your money is going and where to make cutbacks. I know what you’re thinking, giving all your personal account information to a website does sound like a security risk. However, after Mint gathers all your account information and creates a secure, encrypted connection to your account, they no longer keep that information on file. has also partnered with Yahoo! to give you at-a-glance views of your spending, budgets and investments, plus timely alerts, delivered right to your My Yahoo! personalized homepage; and for privacy reasons, your actual account balances are never displayed.

Mint has a little ways to go before its concept is fully functional, for example not all banks or creditors have joined mint yet; but for the most part I do recommend checking it out. We just might be seeing a development that is going to change the way we handle our finances online.

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