Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why SEO is important for SMB

Search Engine Optimization is so crucial to small businesses and yet so few even try SEO. When a customer wants to find a product in their local area their first instinct is to Google it. If your website does not appear on the first page of Google for their search query then you are probably going to miss out on that sale.

With the help of SEO your business will be able to reach a countless number of customers from the web. The problem with SEO though is people want results right away. Most businesses will try it for a couple of months and when they see no results they give up. SEO takes time to build up your website and make it turn from nothing into something that will show up in Google’s search results.

SEO doesn’t have to break the bank either. There are thousands of ways to promote your businesses website for free on the internet. Whether its creating a creating a blog, using websites like Twitter, Myspace, Digg, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin. Using social media websites for SEO is a cheap and cost effective way to get your business out their and help establish your keywords.

The key part of it all though is making sure you have a great website. Your website needs to be top priority. Whether it’s doing it yourself or paying someone to help, it is crucial to make sure your website is setup correctly so that it looks good to customers and that it is designed so that Google will have it show up in the search engines.

The entire goal here is to draw customers in using search engines. It may seem at first impossible to climb to the top of Google’s search results for your keywords, but if you stick to it you can attract a giant customer base just by using the web. The fact is if you are not doing it your competitors are.

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