Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carbonite Launches Carbonite Pro for SMBs

Carbonite has launched an online data backup service, aimed specifically at small and medium businesses. Carbonite Pro allows your SMB to back up-data automatically but without the per-PC fees other businesses charge. It's compatible with external hard drives, priority support, and according to the company, "any office manager" can use the administrative tools.

The dashboard at the heart of Carbonite Pro makes system management super easy. There, you can see important information, including the back-up status of every computer in your office, how much data is backed up and which computers are not backed up. It's also easy to install. An automatic invitation feature allows you to invite which users you want to join and they can click through email instructions to install. You can choose to back-up your files automatically or manually. If you do find yourself in a situation that causes lost or damage files, the Restore Wizard will guide you, step-by-step through the recovery process. And you won't lose time as you do it because your computer is still usable in the meantime.

Add as many computers as you want or need to your account. You'll receive access to unlimited phone, email, and chat tech support. Also, the program will not slow down your computer or internet connection.

You don't have to be a security or encryption expert to use it either. Just like online banking, Carbonite encrypts your files before they are copied to their servers and transmitted over encrypted lines. This means that while being stored at the company's data centers, no one can view them. Using an online server is much safer than using external hard drives or tapes because there are no gaps that leave your data vulnerable, it can't be damaged or lost, and you can't lose data due to human error.

Carbonite is currently offering a free one-month trial at their website, Simply sign up for a free account and start inviting your employees. If you like it, enter your payment information and your service will continue, without interruption, with monthly billing. How much you pay will depend simply on how many GB of storage you need, ranging from $10 a month for up to 20 GB to $250 a month for 300-499 GB of data.

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