Sunday, February 07, 2010

McAfee's New Products for SMBs

McAfee's New Products for SMBs

For the first time, McAfee has announced that it will be marketing new services for SMBs. McAfee Seurity Quickstart Services will deliver "full life cycle support from implementation assistance, to user training and ongoing maintenance, to optimization of security management best practices."

Darrell Rodenbaugh, senior vice president of global midmarket for McAfee said in a statement, "This is the first time we have offered a broad array of services like this in the SMB space. They are designed to overcome the challenges faced by SMB organizations, at an SMB price, and also will allow them to get up and running fast."

The online training package includes one year of unlimited access to the McAfee video training library. SMB's can use it for training their IT people or departments or to just learn about various products and methods available for securing their business. Rodenbaugh said the library is very "rich" and will help businesses get up and running quickly. He said the company wanted to target SMBs who may not have full-time security specialists on staff.

McAfee Security Quickstart HealthCheck is designed to assess the security of the SMB with the simple click of a button. It interprets policy settings and compares them to a selected baseline, providing metrics based on at-risk settings. With it, SMB owners can upload security policies and find out just how secure they really are and where they might need to make changes.

The McAfee Security Quickstart Experts-On-Demand includes sessions with the company's remote expert consultants with enterprise level expertise and can be recorded for future playback use. Through the sessions, SMB owners will learn to implement, optimize, and configure security solutions including the McAfee Security Quickstart Pack for Endpoint Protection, the McAfee Security Quickstart Pack for Total Protection for Secure Business and the McAfee Security Quickstart Combo Pack for total wellness of ePolicy Orchestrator.

Rodenbaugh said McAfee has the best products on the market, "But if our products aren't installed and managed well, customers can't take advantage of them." The products are available in the United States and Canada and prices range from $700 to $5995 annually. They can be purchased only through the channel, but cannot be rebranded at this time. Rodenbaugh hopes that will change in the future.

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