Friday, May 14, 2010

Time to get involved

If you are like me, the prospect of more election commercials elicits only one thing from me: An oncoming migraine! There was one fact that did catch my eye in the Cincinnati Enquirer: Since Ted Strickland took over being Governor, Ohio has lost 430,000 jobs, ouch! But is this all Strickland’s fault, probably not?

According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Ohio lost 236,000 jobs from 2000-2007.

So this can’t all be laid at Ted Strickland’s doorstep, however; unemployment in February was 10.9 percent, personal income declined from 4Q 2009 from $33,289 to $32,467-clearly Ohio is going in the wrong direction!

So let me just lay out the “elephant in the room” that everyone seems to want to ignore: There are millions of Americans that are unemployed, underemployed or are “discouraged workers.” (Here’s a discussion of what a discouraged worker is and how it affects unemployment).

Did anyone else see the true unemployment rate of 17.3 %? That is a staggering figure! Its great how all, and I mean all, the politicians want to talk about having high tech green energy (Can we throw in another political hot button word here?) jobs for young people-great I am all for that, but there are millions of people in the 17.3 %, that are still of working age, that want and frankly need jobs!
Many of them are accountants, bankers, computer programmers, purchasing agents, copy writers, and research analysts, these are skilled educated people who have been victims of outsourcing and off-shoring just as much as any union factory worker, what about them? Truly what about them!

So it might greatly behoove us all to get involved in politics. Its time to start asking the right questions, demand town hall meetings and real answers to real questions! Our careers are on the line here, whether your lefty or righty get involved, and by all means vote, but vote for people who truly want to serve our interests whether owner, manager or employee-I implore you, get involved! It at least cured my headache, and by the way, I have a State Representative that I need to register a complaint-there migraine averted, better than aspirin!

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