Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to look for in hiring a recent college graduate

At some point, a small to medium businesses may want to hire a recent college graduate, a person that they might be able to fast track into management. This is also a person that you can “mold” and may not have to break any previous habits that they may have acquired from working at other companies. But since the person you’re looking at may have zero or very limited work experiences, you have no track record with which to judge them. Beacause you are going to sink a good deal of time and money into their training, you want to make a wise choice. What do you look for?

One thing some employers look at but for the wrong reasons is grade point average. They use GPA as a way to evaluate intelligence, but grades actually are not a very good indicator of intelligence according to a University of Dayton Survey. What GPA is an excellent indicator of is motivation. People that have high GPA are extremely motivated according to the same University of Dayton survey, so if you are looking for a “can do” type of person, this is a good place to start.

Another thing to look at is involvement in and leadership in groups or teams. Is this person multidimensional and have a wide variety of interests? If this person is eventually going to help lead your businesses, they will have to relate to peers and subordinates. A person with limited people skills might be an excellent employee in the right circumstances, but will make a very poor leader. People involved in groups probably know how to communicate and get things done.

Is the person willing to “pay their dues?” One of the biggest mistakes any organization can make is to put someone with limited work experience in authority over seasoned professionals. At best this can cause resentment, and at its very worst it can cause excellent employees to look for employment elsewhere. When this situation happens in a large group, it is disastrous for your business. Look for a person who is willing to learn your business from the bottom up. If this person is to be “fast tracked,” it should not be well known by front line workers.

Following these tips should help your business in hiring a recent college graduate be a great success!

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