Thursday, June 24, 2010

Protect Your Small Business with Camera Security Now

Though property crime rates are on the decline, more than 1 in 8 households were victims of property crime in 2008. Small businesses are prone to theft and other property crime like households, because there is the perception that they are more likely to get away with burglarizing a small business than a larger business. There are many ways to protect your business from property crime, like criminal conviction checks, past employment verification, and employee education (more theft protection tips), but security cameras are often the most effective method.

CameraSecurityNow offers surveillance solutions to businesses of all sizes. You can secure your small business with a CCTV or IP system for less than $5000. To learn more, read the full article on camera security.

Looking for a GeoVison Security Camera System to help secure your small or medium business? Call today at 877-422-1907 for a free phone consultation. Ask about the new Hybrid DVR/NVR surveillance solutions.

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