Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Security Cameras in Business

Here's another good tip about placing security cameras: Place security cameras in your document center where records are being copied or documents are being shredded. Do you think I am being over cautious? Well two points if I may: The first point is to refer to my story on March 29 2010: Why you should treat the temp well or the $14,465.63 postage stamp.

Here’s another true story I encountered in my business career. I did not see this one first hand, but arrived shortly after the incident and had this story related to me by people in the know. A few years ago, a local clinical lab had some disgruntled employees. It seems that a well liked employee was terminated for stealing some toilet paper (seriously she was stealing T.P.). This greatly enraged some of her friends. It also seems that this clinical lab was not playing completely by the Medicare rule book. One practice was that doctors (and only doctors) could assign a diagnoses code or ICD 9 code. In order to speed the process, this lab had employees that either rewrote or added missing codes. The disgruntled employees were made aware that the government gave out large cash rewards for cases that it could prosecute for violations. One night under the excuse of “working late to process some claims” a team of disgruntled employees who had been collecting records for a number of months used the companies own copying and mailing facilities to reproduce and send out the “doctored records.” This company lost millions of dollars in fines from the government. The team of disgruntled employees became millionaires including the woman terminated for stealing toilet paper! If you would like to learn more about security cameras for your business try this fine firm for your business security camera needs or call 877-422-1907 to learn more about it.

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