Sunday, December 05, 2010

Cybercrime Doesn't Really Seem to Worry Small Businesses

cybercrime among small businessesIt seems as though small businesses do not seem to be very concerned about cybercrime. A recent survey of 1,000 different small business owners conducted by Visa Inc. and National Cyber Security Alliance showed that there was a surprising lack of concern about cybercrime among small businesses.

Most of the small business owners that were surveyed said that they felt that their businesses were “under the radar” and that there was no need to be worried about any computer-based crime. There was definitely a consensus between the survey respondents about the belief that there was not enough cybercrime potential for them to want to invest in the high costs that it would take to properly secure their company’s electronic assets.

An entire 85 percent of those surveyed believed that their business was much less of a target than a larger corporation. Fifty-four percent of the respondents also felt that they were more prepared than larger enterprises to protect their company and customer data. And 84 percent said that they do have certain procedures in place to protect data and keep computers secure.

These were not the only results that the survey found though. Only 25 percent of those surveyed said that they had given their employees three hours or more of security training, and 47 percent said that they hadn’t given their employees any security training at all. More than 50 percent said that they simply did not feel that the high cost of full electronic security is worth it.

The sponsors of the survey say that the results of the survey really don’t seem to match up. They say that there is “growing concern from security experts and law enforcement that hackers and cyber criminals are honing [sic] in on small businesses as their new targets." They note specifically the report of an extremely elaborate scheme in the Ukraine where more than $70 million was stolen from small and medium business bank accounts in the U.S.

The head of public affairs for Visa, Rosetta Jones, said, “Cybersecurity investments are critical to protecting a company’s brand and reputation.” Visa offers information and resources to business owners on how to protect their important data and digital assets at their website “We are focused on partnering with small businesses to ensure that they fully understand the business benefits of running a cyber-secure operation,” says Jones. There is also more information about how to keep your small or medium business secure at the NCSA’s web site

So what does this survey show? Well, it shows that small and medium businesses need to step up and take some precautions when it comes to electronic security for their companies. Yes, it can be costly, but there are also some inexpensive precautions that companies can take. It is something that is definitely important and that needs to be taken into consideration. If your small or medium business is not secured, check out the websites mentioned above and make sure that you keep your company safe and secure.

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