Thursday, December 09, 2010

Give New Hires a Great Start

In a majority of small businesses, new hires are given only the basic skills and information they need to begin their new job. However, if you want your new hires to become more successful in their job more quickly, then you need to go beyond the norm. The key to this is allowing your new hires to learn the organization's policies and customs and to interact with the company's personnel.

The attitude your new hire develops about your company usually comes to fruition fairly quickly, and it can also affect their long-term commitment and outlook of the company. Within the first six months of a new hire's time with a company they decide whether it is a place they want to stick with or not. But the big question is how to turn a new employee's experience into a lasting and prosperous relationship.

Connect with them personally and early on.
By connecting with your new hire personally, you can form a relationship that will cause the hire to want to stay with your company. Get to know your new hires in every aspect of their lives. Ask them about their families, pets, hobbies, past experiences etc... People like to feel special and by making your new hire feel special, they may want to stay at your company longer.

Make the introduction about more than just a handbook.
A lot of small businesses make the initial introduction all about procedures and rules. But a lot of companies that have long standing employees make the initial introduction about the company, the history, the products etc... Company heads will take their new hires out for breakfast or lunch and really give them a feel for what the company is about. By making the initial introduction more fun you will find new hires more willing to stay with your company.

Treat the new hires like equals.
A lot of companies treat their new hires like the bottom of the totem pole. And, while that may be technically true, it doesn't mean you have to treat them like that. Don't put your new hires through a painful probation process or belittle them by displaying your big boss powers. Arrogance is one of the quickest ways to turn a new hire away. A great welcome can make a huge lasting impression, so be sure to treat your new hire like a true equal.

If you follow these steps, then you will be sure to see an increase not only in the amount of new hires your company receives but also in the amount of new hires that remain with your company.
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